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This Institute, located on (area-location), in Dhaka. This Institute is one of the oldest institute in our district. It has about 20,000 students.This Institute is one of the renowned schools in Bangladesh. It has a glorious past.It was established in 1952. From that, till today, this school is keeping its image equally remarkable in the sky of Educational institutions.

In the present global perspective of the twenty-first century, because of unprecedented advancement, dynamism, diversity of science and technology, life has become much more competitive. Skilled, educated, proficient and potential persons are now demanded to cope with this dynamism and challenge. With this end in view, This Institute has been established undertaking the responsibility of providing modern and international standard education to the students.

Our programs :: unique in nature Our students evaluate us as unconventional and extraordinary in the teaching strategies we adhere to. For every program we have scientifically designed course curricula and study materials – that really make us distinguished. Our faculty :: our strength Our faculty body consists of experienced, erudite and trained teachers. We pay equal importance to teaching skills, personal and academic background and experience.… Read More

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